Witch airport will I lend, Reykjavik or Keflavik?


I bought flight from Frankfurt to Iceland, but is said airport Iceland Reykjavik (KEF) airport, witch airport will I arrive is is in Reykjavik or Keflavik ?


Hi Anton

Vey easy rule to remember :

Keflavik airport is for international flights to go and leave Iceland
Reykjavik airport is for domestic flights

Keflavik airport is the biggest one and is located about 45 min/1 hour driving from Reykjavik. To reach Reykjavik from Keflavik airport, you can take a shuttle or you can also directly pick up your car rental from Keflavik airport.
In another place in the world, it is usually more expensive to pick up the car rental in the airport but it isn’t the case in Iceland so it is good to take a look :slight_smile:

Reykjavik airport is located in Reykjavik almost downtown. It is smaller and if you want to, you can go to the airport by walk : it is only 15/20 min from Reykjavik downtown.
As it is smaller it only wlecomes small planes to travel in Iceland.

I hope my answer will help you :slight_smile:


I think the last answer sums it up very well! So if you are coming from abroad from the mainland of Europe or further you will land in KeflavĂ­k.
However I can really recommend to check out other parts of the country and in case you do not rent a car a nice way to do so is by plane.

There are two airlines flying from the domestic airport, Air Iceland (not Icelandair) and Eagle Air. They fly to a lot of very nice destinations, for example Akureyri, Westman Islands, Höfn, Egilsstadir, Isafjördur in the Westfjords…


There are international flights from ReykjavĂ­k airport, but only to the Faroe Islands and to Greenland :slight_smile:
All other international flights go to KeflavĂ­k.

But I think also some airlines were going to try to have international flights to Akureyri (north Iceland) or EgilsstaĂ°ir (east Iceland), maybe that will happen soon :slight_smile:


Nearly all international flights, even thy they say they go to Reykjavík, actually go to Keflavik Airport. Just like you land at Heathrow when you go to London. it’s easy to get to the city, though, it’s like a 40 minutes drive and there are buses every 30 minutes. You shouldn’t have any problems getting to the city.
There are a few other airports. There is ReykjavĂ­k Domestic, but really no international flights land there, unless they are small planes from Greenland and Faroese Islands, or private jets coming to stay at the hotel there. Then there are two other larger airports, - and when i say large I mean that the airstrip is large enough for jets, though the airport is tiny. That is Akureyri and EgilstaĂ°ir. Those two can take jets and have a few international flights, mostly to Copenhagen and to London, but they are rarly operational and only fly in high season over summer.
Akureyri also has flights to GrĂ­msey Island, and I think there are flights to to the Fearoese Islands from EgilstaĂ°ir