Where to take my kids in Reykjavík


What are child-friendly tours and activities that I can take my kids to (2 years old and 6 years old)?


I think that the swimming pools in Reykjavík would be the best place to take your kids to for a fun day. Maybe even pick up some ice cream afterwards :slight_smile: You could go to Vesturbæjarlaug and then Vesturbæjar ísbúð!


Hi Emilia! I would not particularly recommend the glacier hiking or ice caving tours since those need you to put on crampons(most of the time they only have them from EU size 35 so your kids would be too small). You can definitely try for a sightseeing tour with a bus like Golden Circle or Snaefellsnes day tours though!
I also found a good article on spending time with small children in Reykjavik here
And I completely agree with @Embla you HAVE to get ice cream when you’re in Iceland! :smiley:


OK! The recipe for a great day for you guys is as follows:
Start the day in one of the bakeries. Iceland has a very nice bakery culture, so go, get some kleina and sandwiches, and also stock up on things for the day. Drink some Kókómmjólk and get with the times :stuck_out_tongue: (Local kids literally thrive on this chocolate milk)
Then it is time to head to the Laugardalur valley where the family parks are.
The valley is split into four main areas: the petting zoo and farm, the family entertainment park, the botanical garden and then the old pool area. The first two are pretty easy to understand. The zoo has Icelandic animals and runs like a semi-regular farmstead where kids can meet the animals, ride around in small trains and maybe even go horseback riding, along with seeing how things are done at a farm. There are not many wild animals, but there are foxes and seals, along with links and birds local to Iceland.
The family park has some nice climbing towers and general entertainment, and it’s located in a natural low area so it can get very warm there.
The botanical gardens are a nice place too, and you can go there for lunch, at Flóran, which is a very nice café. form there the paths lead to the old pools where women if Reykjavik used to do Laundry. Now it’s all empty, but kids love running in the empty waterbeds for some reason and climbing in the old drying rods.
After that, you can head up to Árbæjarsafn open air museum for playing and learning, and if you are lucky, you will get to feed the lambs with a bottle. They also have guided tours and a playhouse for kids. It’s a super kid friendly museum, and all the staff wears historical costumes, so it’s like going back in time :slight_smile:

That should really wear your kids out for the day and you will have them screaming and tired and in bed at 19:00 or so, so you can call for some gourmet take away and crack open a can of beer and enjoy the Icelandic midnight sun from your balcony :stuck_out_tongue: