Where is the best hiking place in Iceland?


I wan’t visit Iceland in summer for about one week, were is the best hiking place in Iceland ? How can I get their is their some hiking tour that I can join ?



I seriously recommend doing the Laugavegur hike if you want to do a many day hike. But you’d need a guide - here’s a tour for you :slight_smile: Click here

If you’re more into shorter hikes, there is a place called Reykjadalur only an hour outside from Reykjavík that’s pretty great click here :slight_smile: - I did it last year and lovd it!


Hi Anton. Before you go hiking in Iceland you would be well advised to read up on some local tips. After all, Iceland is like nowhere else.


Hey Anton!

I really recommend hiking up Mt. Esja. It’s right by the city limits and even a part of the greater Reykjavík area. You can get there easily by bus and it only takes a short while, around 30 minutes or so, to drive there from the centre. If you don’t have the time or the means to travel far out of Reykjavík, for something like a glacier hike, this is the perfect option.

This basic but really scenic and beautiful hike is very popular amongst the locals as a day-time activity, since you can begin and end this kind of trip in the city itself. After a short walk up the marked trail, you come to a selection of going either left or right, with the left path being shorter but steeper. Most people hike up to ‘Steinn’ - a stone labelled as a monument with a fantastic view of Mosfellsbær and the surrounding countryside. From there, you can hike all the way up to the top if you wish.

Just be careful if hiking outside of the summer months, since accidents happen during winter due to avalanches and sharp winds.

Have fun on your travels! :relaxed:


Hi Anton Wei

I highly recommend Reykjadalur located in the town of Hveragerdi. If you have rent a car, it takes only 35 minutes to drive, so it is not that different from driving to Mt. Esja.
Reykjadalur has less elevation than Mt. Esja and hiking is more relaxing than intense. Plus, at the end of the trail is a natural hot spring in a small river. There you can soak in the warm water.
It is a truly unique experience you can do near Reykjavik. You don’t need to go far to enjoy hiking in Iceland.


In my opinion, Reykjavik is the best place for hiking in Iceland. The Northern Lights and Grand Golden Circle are the most popular places all over the world. I had gone to Reykjavik with my friends. We booked a minibus from Go to joy Iceland for travelling there. That tour was so awesome for us.


Iceland is gorgeous no matter where you go, and there are hiking trails all over. However, my personal favourites are in the Westfjords, in the highlands and the hike Laugavegurinn and Fimmvörðuháls, as well as hiking parts of Víknaslóðir in East Iceland (all places only in summertime).
For shorter hikes around Reykjavík check out Esjan, Reykjadalur and Glymur. (Half day hikes).
Read up more about these hiking trails and more here.