Where can I see the puffins and the penguins in Iceland?


I LOVE puffins and penguins! They’re so cute! I’m coming in November. Where can I go in Reykjavík to see them?


I’m afraid you won’t be lucky with that in November… You can see puffins in Reykjavik during summer, from Mai to August or so. You can take a puffin tour, which is sometimes combined with whale watching, and they will take you to the islands in the bay where they can be found.

But there are no penguins in Iceland…


There are lots of places around Iceland where you can see the Puffin. The Látrabjarg Cliffs in the Westfjords (the westernmost point in Europe) is one of the three largest puffin cliffs in Iceland. The puffin is also quite common in Vestmannaeyjar (The Westman Islands) but the easiest way to see one is probably by going on a puffin tour.

Sadly there are no penguins in Iceland :cry: But we do have the arctic fox and reindeer and sometimes polar bears drift to Iceland on icebergs from Greenland.


You can see the penguins in Antartica and on Youtube.


Are you kidding with these polar bears? It would be real slaughter amongst horses, sheep’s or cows leaving all year on open air.
If such incident happened, bear had to be immediately transported back to Greenland


Puffins can be seen in Iceland as early as April and as late as (early) September. So if you’re in Iceland in late April, May, June, July or August you can definitely see some puffins. By September they’re mostly gone, unless you’re very lucky.

You can go on a puffin and whale watching tour from Reykjavík, or head to Látrabjarg in the Westfjords, the Westman Islands in south of Iceland, Dyrhólaey in south Iceland or to Borgarfjörður Eystri in east Iceland where the largest puffin colonies are. Basically the puffins tend to hang out at cliffs around the country - and about 10 million puffins reside in Iceland each summer! The Westman Islands is where most of them are.

Penguins live in the southern hemisphere, so you can see them in Antarctica, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. There are no penguins in Iceland, or anywhere else in the northern hemisphere.

If you’re very lucky you can spot the Arctic Fox in Iceland, and if you head to the east you can possibly see some reindeers. The polar bears that sometimes drift over to Iceland on icebergs have always been captured, and sadly killed, shortly after arrival. Plans are to only put them to sleep next time one arrives and then to transport it elsewhere (back to Greenland or perhaps to Svalbard).


Awwww, ok, thanks for the replies, guys. I can see puffins at least. I thought that maybe there’d be penguins too because they look so much alike, but then, yeah, I suppose you’re right, there are no penguins in the northern hemisphere. I’ll just have to watch Happy Feet a bit more and hope that it will be enough.
We should totally make a Happy Feet movie with puffins!