Where can I go horse riding in Iceland?


I really want to go horse riding. What are the horse riding options in Iceland?


Hi Melkorka,

Thank you for your question! You’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of options available for horse riding in Iceland - it all depends on where you’re staying and where you’ll be travelling to. Whatever the case, horse back riding here presents an opportunity to have a personal, unique and intimate experience in the Icelandic nature. Icelandic horses, despite their small stature, are renowned the world over for their reliability, playfulness and intelligence. You’re in good hands (…or hooves.)

If, like most visitors here, you’re keeping Reykjavik as your home base, than the Reykjanes peninsula has an abundance of horse riding tours available for all levels. Here, the tours traverse across dried lava fields, only half an hours’ commute from the capital. Operators will arrange pick ups from hotels to the stable and back again, making horse riding here one of the regions’ most accessible and popular tours. Operators offer both short rides (approx. 90 minutes) or longer trips.

Stables are abundant all across Iceland, meaning horse riding is available in a wide variety of landscapes. Please check our horse riding tour page to see which tours are available and most suited to your personal circumstances: https://guidetoiceland.is/book-trips-holiday/adventure-tours/horse-riding

Thanks again, and happy galloping!


Hi Melkorka!

I have a favourite riding tour that goes to the hot spring area near Hveragerði. You can take it from Reykjavík, and it’s a full day tour so super worth it. It goes to a valley above the Hverargerði town where there is a hot spring river that you can bathe in! Here is a link :slight_smile:
I went there a few summers back and it’s pretty much all the best. Horses, Icelandic Nature, Hot springs and mountains :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Michael!
I used your link and found a wonderful tour company. They picked me up at my hotel and the driver was really nice. The trainers were really nice too but the best were the horses.
I have loved horses since I was a little girl and have dreamed of seeing the famous Icelandic small horse and these were just the sweetest horses.
There is nothing quite like horse riding in the morning in Icelandic nature :slight_smile:

Thanks again!



So for everyone who is looking for a quick horse back riding tour from Reykjavík I can really recommend this tour.

Their stable is just within the capital area so the drive there was really short. The owner gave us a lovely (and lively) introduction of riding and the Icelandic horse which everyone really enjoyed. The landscape there was also super awesome even if it was still in Reykjavik, I was so impressed!

You ride through alien like red and orange craters and huge rocks :grinning: I felt very safe and the horses were very cute and very friendly

In the end they let us watch the horses in the paddock where they immediately went on the floor and rolled around after the tour, this was funny and I have never seen horses doing that, they seemed to have so much fun!