Where can I find pictures of volcanoes in Iceland?


I’d like to get some nice pictures, preferably by an Icelandic photographer, of Eyjafjallajokull, Katla and Hekla if possible, that have a free license. Any ideas?


Hi Helga,

I have seen super cool pictures here: https://guidetoiceland.is/pictures-of-iceland/pictures-of-volcanoes

It is probably fine to use them with a link to this gallery :heart_eyes:


Hi Helga, here is an article on volcanoes in Iceland.

Not only does it have some great pictures but it is very informative as well.


Hi Unnur!

If you’re interested in photographs by Icelandic photographers, you should check out Borgarbókasafn Library when you’re in the city centre of Reykjavík. They always have a running, free-of-charge photography exhibition there, that changes every month or so. I’m not sure if you are likely to find pictures of volcanoes but hey you never know, at least if you are interested in Icelandic photography it’s a cool place to visit!


Hi Unnur,

If you are really interested in photography, I recommend checking out the Reykjavik Museum of Photography, Grófarhús, Tryggvagata 15, 101 Reykjavík. The museum has over 5 million photographs documenting Iceland’s cultural and geological history, and there are some truly fantastic photographs of Icelandic volcanoes, either docile or in full eruption. Some of these photographs date back as far 1870, providing a real insight into this country’s development.

I recommend giving the place a look when you’re over here!
All the best,