Where can I enjoy the best seafood in Reykjavík?


I have heard amazing things about the famous Icelandic Seafood. Where can I enjoy the best variety that Iceland has to offer in that regard?


Hey Herdís. There are so many good sea food restaurants in Iceland that it is almost impossible to choose only one. My all time favourites are Sjávargrillið (the Sea Grill) in Central Reykjavík and Við Fjöruborðið in the sea side village of Stokkseyri.


Hi Herdís!

My favourite place is called Ostahúsið (at Skolavordustigur). They are not just a ‘seafood place’, but they always have a catch of the day and a really nice fish soup for lunch :slight_smile:
If you want really fancy stuff, there is a place called Fiskmarkadurinn. It’s expensive but totally worth it. Also Fiskfelagid and Sjavargrillid


There are soooo many nice seafood restaurants! All the ones already mentioned are good options that focus on seafood - as well as Messinn (which is rather affordable and you get plenty of food!) And Sushi Social does great sushi with Icelandic seafood! And if you want to have a scary looking (but super tasty!) plate then you should try the cod’s head at Matur og Drykkur.

But there are also a bunch of restaurants that offer great seafood, as well as other delicious Icelandic dishes like lamb, if there are some other people travelling with you that might want something else than fish :slight_smile: You could check out Kol, Kopar, Grillmarket, Food Cellar or Grillið if you want a view with your plate! Read up more on Reykjavík’s best restaurants here.


Hey Herdis,

It’s not just seafood Iceland is good at - the city of Reykjavík has actually become quite a pioneer in all sorts of cuisine. Seafood and lamb are the most historic, and the best for them are listed above, but there all sorts of new ideas coming to the forefront and getting results. Fusion restaurants, for example, are increasingly popular, with certain venues combining diverse tastes, such as Japanese and Latin American, Icelandic and Spanish, and so on. Vegetarian and vegan restaurants are also becoming hugely popular, especially with the ingredient Oumph revolutionising cooking without meat, because of how close it tastes to chicken. Places like Glo also focus on food for those with specific dietary requirements, such as gluten and lactose free food, but have done such a good job they now attract everyone.

Basically, if you are a foodie, I recommend going to the seafood but making sure you try something new as well!

One thing I will say though is that in Reykjavík, the food is almost all fresh and local. If you are traveling around the country to tourist destinations, you may not get quite the same from the cafeterias there, especially if they are inland and not directly connected to a fishing community. It may be the same price as Reykjavík food but probably will not be the same quality.

In the capital, you will be fine, however. You can try both traditional seafood and international variants very easily, in the restaurants all around the Old Harbour and downtown area.

Hope that this has been of help