Where can I buy cheap groceries in Iceland?


Hey, where is the best place to buy affordable but healthy groceries in Iceland?


Cheapest supermarket in Iceland is Bonus and it is the one most accessible from downtown Reykjavik if you have your hotel there :slight_smile: Try to stay away from 10-11! They are a convenience store chain and handy to have around as most are open 24 hours a day, but the prices sometimes double those in the supermarket. If you have Kronan around, their prices are known to be affordable and the vegetable fresher than Bonus, but they are slightly more pricey than Bonus. I guess if I have to list the supermarkets from cheap to expensive it will be like: Bonus - Kronan - Netto - Hagkaup, but you usually get what you pay for!


Mita is right, the cheapest supermarket is Bónus http://www.bonus.is/find-your-store/ - it is a no-frills supermarket, which has shorter opening hours than the other supermarkets and that is how they can keep the price down. Krónan supermarket https://kronan.is/english/ has longer opening hours and a much larger selection than Bónus and they pride themselves in being ISK 1 above the price of Bónus. Then we have supermarkets some of which are open around the clock, f.ex. Nettó and Hagkaup. Nettó has got a large selection and a fair price. Hagkaup is more pricey. And 10-11 I never enter as I am shocked by their prices. I always shop in Bónus and Nettó. Bónus has got 2 stores down-town and you will find the locations on their website. Having said that then I have to add that food is expensive in Iceland.


Thank you for your comment, it was very helpful!


Thank you Mita, I hope everyone in Iceland is this helpful!


Hey @Magnus_Olafsson and the others! Costco just opened in Iceland so if you have a membership there you should be able to shop there now. it’s a bit out of town so you will need a car, but the busses also go there. I don’t know if you can use a membership card from other countries there, but still it’s worth a try. They also have a petrol station which is super nice if yo are in the city and have a car or are doing day tour son your own from Reykjavík, because they are a bit cheaper than the other stations, and petrol is expensive here
It’s near the Ikea store. To get there via car you take a road called Reykjanesvegur to Hafnarfjörður. You can also go there via bus, but then it’s bets to take bus no three from the midtown in the direction of ‘Sel / Fell’ or Mjódd. You’ll need to change to another bus there to get the rest of the way, but that would be bus no. 21 and it will be going in the direction of Fjörður. The stop is just called ‘IKEA’ so it’s not hard to find, and all the stores in the area are clearly marked and visible. The cool thing is that it’s pretty much in a lava field so it’s an exploration as well :stuck_out_tongue: