Where can I buy cellphone charger?


I forgot to bring my cellphone charger. Where can I buy one? Is there such store in down town?


Hey Kuna,

You can buy cellphone chargers in many places in ReykjavĂ­k. In the mall, Kringlan, there is an Apple Store, Vodaphone shop, and a shop called Nova, all of which sell phones and thus chargers. Downtown, your best bet is Macland, on Laugavegur 23. For the cheapest option, however, I recommend you go to the Flea Market.

Hope that helps!


Hi Richard, thanks for your comment. Can you explain more about the Flea Market? Do they sell electronics too??


The market is only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 11.am. to 5.pm and it sells mostly food and old stuff like used clothes, books and little trinkets. I wouldn´t be sure they always have the correct chargers either, think it´s only one or two shops that sell them.


Tiger has a lot of them really cheap. They are on Laugavegur 13 and have all the most common chargers. Try them :slight_smile:


Tiger has them for cheap and it’s on Laugavegur so it’s easy to find :slight_smile: it’ right across from a small vintage store, and hard to miss. A little higher on the street is Macland, and they also sell some chargers, though mostly for Apple products. You could also check if some of the petrol stations sell them, but I think it would be best for you to go to aa phone store. You’ll find them at kringaln mall and Smáralind, and they will have many types for you to choose from. Another option is just using a micro usb if you have access to a computer with a charger or somethign like that.
Also, some hotels have chargers that you can borrow if you don’t feel like trying to hunt one down :stuck_out_tongue:


The Tiger store, everybody’s been mentioning, is also located in the two largest shopping centres in Iceland; Kringlan which is located a short distance from the city centre, and Smáralind, which is in the nearby Kópavogur town.

At both Kringlan and Smáralind, you’ll find electronic stores and special cell phone stores that all sell phone chargers. If you are travelling outside of the greater Reykjavík area, your best bet for phone chargers are gas stations and perhaps post offices. Reykjavík post offices don’t sell chargers, but the ones in the countryside double as specialised shops and sell everything from SIM cards to condoms.


Hey Kuna,

Apologies for the late reply. You can buy electronics at the flea market; it is the probably the cheapest place for everything in Iceland, although you have less guarantee of quality than you would at a Nova, Vodaphone or Apple store, or another place like that. The flea market’s official name is the Kolaportið Flea Market, and it is located by the Old Harbour, on Tryggvagata 19. It is only open on weekends. Its also entirely indoors, so a great place to go on a rainy or stormy day. Its also a great place to go for cheap, authentic Icelandic souvenirs.

Hope that helps,