When is the best time to experience a snowstorm in Iceland


Hey hey. I’m coming to Iceland in June 2017, where should I go to experience a snowstorm?


Well, there is a tiny chance if you go high on the glaciers, but that’s dangerous and expensive. I’d just recommend that you come in winter, maybe in January instead :slight_smile: Then you can also go on snowmobiles and see the ice caves at Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon

There’s really not any snow in Iceland in the summer. But there’s often a lot in winter, especially in the north near Akureyri!


Who is asking such childish question? Go into highlands little below Landmannalaugr and you would see symbolized grave of 21 years old man who died there on 21 June 2010 in snow blizzard. Thus snow storm is definitely not a fun to experience.


Best time to experience a snowstorm in Iceland is in wintertime, at the height of winter would be in January or February. Could also happen in December and March, but more likely in January and February.

Only snowstorms happening during summertime are on top of glaciers, infrequently, and like mentioned here above people have died in Iceland due to snowstorms and not being prepared for them. If you are hiking on glaciers in Iceland, always make sure you bring thermal underwear, wool and fleece garments with you because you never know what the weather might be like. Also if you are traveling in Iceland during winter.


Yes I agree, snowstorms in the summer time are not something you want to experience since that would mean you were at the wrong place at the wrong time. In the wintertime on the other hand I have mixed feelings about snowstorms. If you have to walk to work or need to travel across the country they are definitely not fun!

If you on the other hand are able to stay inside and don’t have to travel anywhere it can be really cozy to see the storm from outside the window or even dress up in warm clothes and take a short walk in the storm.