What's the weather like in Iceland?


How cold does it get in winter in Iceland, and how warm does it get in summer? I’ve heard to always expect all sorts of weather, but do I really need to bring thermal underwear in summertime?


Hi Nanna,

I can only rely on my present experience of Iceland in winter 2016. Icelandic people often say “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes” and it’s right. You can leave the car on a clear heaven and 5 minutes later you will be facing a snow storm.

You should dress in layers so it’s easy to undress or to stay warm. I have no experience of Iceland in summertime!



Hi Nanna! I definitely agree with @Maarten_Rediers, the weather in Iceland changes like nothing I have ever experienced before! I will also add that the wind is something you have to prepare yourself for and a windproof jacket and a good woolen beanie cap are also essential alongside the thermal underwear. I experienced Iceland in winter and I definitely can say they are not exaggerating when they say you would need gloves, ear warmers, and sturdy WATERPROOF shoes. It’s much more easy in summer temperature-wise but really the wind!!! Do not make the same mistake I did, and invest yourself in some windproof jackets.


When it comes to weather in Iceland you really can’t get any crazier. Just today we had snow and then 20 minutes later sun and a mostly clear sky.

You want to really think about your wardrobe and make sure you have absolutely everything in winter. I recommend wullen socks with more than ankle high boots, a warm winter coat, wullen underwear or tights, leggings or thin pants and then on top of that some sort of wind and waterproof pants, ski pants or snow pants. I recommend gloves as well because the wind can really freeze your fingers. There are special gloves you can buy in Iceland that have little rubber pieces on the fingers so you can use your phone through the gloves. I recommend a sweater and then another sweater and finally you will need a scarf to fill in those last places where the cold can reach to.

I recommend having everything above but being ready for any kind of weather (even sun) in winter.

For summer and autumn you still have to deal with wind so if you want to be stylish I recommend layers. sweaters upon sweaters, with maybe a vest and then a stylish coat on top and of course a scarf for the wind. The trick is to have enough layers and a bag you can put them in if the weather gets warmer. You can bring shorts with you to Iceland in summer as it does happen that we get sufficiently warm weather in summertime. On such days every Icelander rushes outside to meet the sun.