What's the best way to see a glacier in Iceland?


I know there are quite a few glaciers in Iceland. What’s the best way to see them?


Hehe, a really cool way would be with a helicopter! They offer tours in helicopters where you land on the glaciers, for example on Langjökull near the Golden Circle :grin:

If thats too pricy then you can go on a glacier hike, because you cannot do that by yourself you need to book a guided tour with a professional guide. If you stay in Reykjavik then the closest glacier where they offer this would be Myrdalsjokull in the south.

If you are having a car then you can also try to drive close to a glacier tongue, for example in Skaftafell. But again, do not walk ON it!


I’ve seen them on sightseeing tours, and up close through glacier hiking, snowmobiling, ice caving, and ice tunnel tours.

In 2012 I took a day tour to the south coast and they took us to the edge of Soleheimajokull glacier so we can see it up close. I believe this was the tour I took: https://guidetoiceland.is/book-holiday-trips/southern-iceland-tour

Then in 2013 I took a 2-day tour to Jokulsarlon, which included an entry level glacier hiking experience. It’s much more fun than just seeing the glacier from its edge. There are all kinds of glacier hiking tours in Iceland and some are slightly more difficult than others.

You can compare them here: Glacier Hiking Tours in Iceland

Then I’ve also taken a snowmobiling tour on Langjokull. It’s quite different from the previous glacier experience I had. Langjokull has a more “neat” look and it’s like a vast snow plain. I believe the glacier is indeed covered with a layer of snow all year round. Whereas Solheimajokull and Vatnajokull down south have a more rugged feel.

You can also see Langjokull from “inside” by taking the ice cave tunnel tour.

But the coolest yet would be the ice cave. It’s naturally formed at the edge of glaciers, only available in winter though. I went in January 2016.

So it really depends on what you prefer. :smiley:


Wow…like, there are so many ways! You cna just see them from the roads if you want! Of course if you want it up close and personal a tour is the best way to do it, like the reply here above said - btw , AWESOME PICTURES! Seriously, I’m super jealous that you’ve been to all these places!
I personally prefer snowmobiling to any other activity so I think you should take a snowmobiling tour to a glacier because then you can both see a glacier and go snowmobiling at the same time which gives you a unique way to experience it. You will see a large part of it, and get to feel how large it is because you can travel about, and much faster than ever at hiking or just on a tour that you explore partially. Ice caves are pretty cool though, I have to admit that, so I’d like ot do that too.
I heard there is one now that is open all summer…?