Whats the best way to get to Vestmanneyjar?


I have heard the ferry leaves from different ports depending on weather, can i book it on guide to iceland?


Hi Gustav,
How you get to Vestmannaeyjar depends on the weather and the seasons. The shortest way is the ferry from the port of Landeyjahöfn, which takes about 30 minutes. If the weather is not good you have to take a ferry from the port of Þorlákshöfn and then the trip takes about 3 hours. For those who have “seasickness” this type of trip can be a real challenge. The ferry timetable for the Vestmannaeyjar can be found here. I don’t think you can book ferry tickets on GTI. Of course you can also fly by plane (I recommend, the views are awesome), from Reykjavik. Here you will find a timetable for the flights to Heimaey. If you want to plan your tour to Vestmannaeyjar, and you have no idea about this trip, you can check out the tour operators offer.


I’d just fly. Seriously. it’s more expensive but I hate going on the boat, especially from Þorlákshöfn. it makes me sick. landeyjar is better but the problem is that this harbour is very often closed during the winter so it’s near impossible to use it. It takes the shortest time to fly, and it’s easiest. I think there is more than one company that flies there but I’m not sure. You’ll have to check that.
But you should totally go, because it’s a pretty cool place.
I think you can book tours to Vestmannaeyjar - Berenika listed it above :slight_smile:


Most people visiting Vestmannaeyjar travel by the ferry. It is a lot cheaper than travelling by plane, but it can be challenging for those who suffer from seasickness.

For me, I use a ferry every summer. Not to Vestmannaeyjar, though, I travel to an island on Iceland’s Breiðafjörður Bay in the west called Flatey. The only way to reach this island is by a ferry (Vestmannaeyjar even borrowed said ferry while theirs was being repaired). I find the journey thrilling. I love standing on the deck and feeling the wind on my face. I love the view of the ocean and surrounding landscape. Sometimes I’ll see white-beaked dolphins swimming along the ferry. It is an excellent way to feel connected to the Icelandic nature.


@svany_sif - You been in Flatey a lot? it’s really nice there, I feel. I’d really wish to spend a whole summer there and the sailing is much easier than to Vestmannaeyjar. Sure, there’s not a lot there to do, but it’s the perfect place to relax and just chill you know? I think there was like a music festival there as well, at some point, but I might be wrong. Shame it’s a bit expensive to stay there if you do not have a house or your family has history in the island.
I think there is another inhabitied island nearby that was for sale a bit back. I wish I coudol have bought it! Seriously, what a bloody dream!


Yeah, I’m one of the lucky ones who has a family history and a house on the island, so I go almost every summer.

I heard a rumour that the government wanted to give Björk an island in Breiðafjörður but she didn’t want one. Don’t know if that’s true but if it is she’s crazy for not wanting one.


I really like taking the boat! I feel it’s almost essential to the Vestmannaeyjar experience, hah. You know, to take the ferry with your friends, chill out in the cafeteria, get the drinking started, all that…

And then to get up on deck and watch the cliffs of the islands closing in, then you feel like you’ve really arrived and that you are going to have a good trip.

So I reccommend the boat! Here is the link to review when it’s travelling and get your tickets: http://eimskip.is/IS/Eimskip-Innanlands/herjolfur/Siglingaáætlun.html

Have fun! :grin: