What to pack for Reykjavík?


I will be in Reykjavík in June and am wondering what kind of clothes to pack. I’m not really an outdoorsy person so I will not be going on hikes but would like to do the golden circle bus tour. Do I need thermal underwear and a parka or would a sweater and light jacket be enough? What should I wear for a night out in Reykjavík to blend in?


In June it´s still kinda chilly but you should be fine with a sweater and a jacket, but the weather in Iceland is unpredictable so I would recommend to have on you extra clothing that is waterproof and warm.
About your night out, you should wear something light. We always figure out that people are tourists because they are wearing their newly bought light jackets from 66° North but that is just asking to get sick.


Hey Elsa,

June is an unusual time - the weather is usually lovely, a temperate summer feel in which one layer is appropriate, but it is Iceland, so anything can happen. Thermals may be unnecessary, but waterproofs would be most appropriate.

The nights are colder than the days, but a heavy jacket could be a pain because very few Icelandic bars have cloakrooms if you wanted to dance.

My advice is to bring summer clothes with several extra layers, then to keep an eye on the weather website while you are here so you can plan what to wear on your days and nights accordingly. You can check the weather here:


Hope that helps


The beauty about Reykjavík is that it’s small. And you’ll most likely be staying in the centre of town.
So if you go outside and feel a bit cold, you can always nip back into your hotel room to grab an extra jumper. And vice versa, if you have too many layers on, you can always stop by to take some off if you like.
Downtown nightlife is all in 2-3 streets, and mainly consists of barhopping, so when walking from one bar to the next, you could just ask your friends to wait for a couple of minutes while you go and grab another layer or leave a layer behind. Most likely the weather will be ok (except if it’s raining or windy) - so jeans, t-shirt, light jumper and/or a light jacket should be fine. No need for hats or gloves.


June’s a strange month. It can be very cold (like +1 and wind) and it can be super warm (+17 and sunny). I’d recommend always bringing layers. You can then dress according to weather without alway shaving to change the whole getup. You should always have a jacket and something to cover up and fight the wind, and I don’t think that light summer dresses with nothing under are going to do you any good. I’d just wear jeans and then a t-shirt that I can easily dress over.
It might rain a lot and then it gets very cold, so I’d not wear sandals either, rather sneakers or proper hiking shoes if you are not in the city. if you will be heading to the Highlands, dress for winter.
As for a night out, you should totally bring a jacket. It gets cold at night, and you will notice that Icelanders cover themselves a lot to keep out the cold. I’m a massive fan of micro-fleece pantyhoses because then I can wear dresses without feeling cold. But I’d not go for light silks or something like that. You’ll notice that it’s not common here, and people like wearing jackets and sweaters - because people dislike feeling cold :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, I totally recommend NEVER going barefoot. It’s just asking for getting a cold. Seriously. You’ll get really sick. Wear socks and proper closed shoes :stuck_out_tongue: Flu is not sexy!