What to do near Akureyri?


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I stay 3 days near Akureyri during my trip in Iceland. Do you recommend some locations/activities that I HAVE to do or visit in the area ?



Whale watching is a nice thing to do. In the summer there is almost a 100% probability to see whales and they are very active. Maybe you want to try the zodiac boat, the ride only is already worth it! :slight_smile:


Whale watching and horseback riding :slight_smile: Or if you like hiking, and the wether is nice you can hike to Súlur, the peak above the town. It’s not a very long hike (like an hour and a half) and the view is amazing!


If you are driving, I would say that the 2 hour drive to Asbyrgi is well worth it. Ásbyrgi is a beautiful canyon in the Vatnajökull national park and is know for its trees and birdlife. There is a camping area there and there are guesthouses nearby.

On your way east, you would also pass by Goðafoss, one of the absolute best waterfalls in Iceland. The drive to Goðafoss is about 43 minutes.

Another place to visit would be lake Myvatn, which is about an hour and fifteen minutes driving.


Have you thought about going to Grjótagjá? In my opinion it’s quite incredible! I really do recommend going there if you are in the north of the country. You can take a tour from Akureyri: Mývatn, Goðafoss, Dettifoss, Selfoss, Grjótagjá cave and the Nature baths that takes you there and some other great destinations. If you want to drive it’s pretty easy to find. The GPS coordinates is N65° 34’ 29.535" W16° 53’ 0.868" and you just drive road number 1 towards Mývatn and then turn on road 860 towards Grjótagjá.


Oh, there’s another thing you can do! You can hike to Fálkafell hut. It’s a small cabin above Akureyri and it only takes about 30 minutes to hike up and get an amazing view. You can drive to a small parking lot by Súluvegur (it’s the same as when you go to Súlur peak, really, just a lot shorter hike) and then head out from there. It’s a small white house with a blue roof and belongs to the local scouting company. It’s okay to go there, just treat it with respect :slight_smile:
You can see it from the town if you’re in the upper districts (near the golf course for example).
If you’re there in winter, you should totally go skiing! There’s an awesome place to ski in Akureyri called Hlíðarfjall. It’s only 10 minutes from the town and there are busses running pretty much all the time. There is an old ski hut up there, and some really nice slopes both for beginners and more advanced. If you like snowboarding, it’s also pretty cool. You can take the lift to the highest platform, then hike to the edge of the mountain and ski /board down!
The best thing is that you can, if there is enough snow, ski all the way to town again and grab the city bus to the down town after skiing :slight_smile: