What to do in a running November Week in Iceland

Hey Folks,

we are Marcus&lisa, a couple from Leipzig Germany and i am planing a surprising birthdaytrip for my girlfriend. (she knows nothing… i hope so :slight_smile: )

i Need your help guys, we have just the week 19.11-26.11.2019 and i want to save the time just for the best (maybe unknown) spots on iceland. i am looking for a great week on the Island. we have a 4x4 car, so we are absolutly flexible.
we want to see as much as we can in this week. so anybody have the perfect recommentaion for us for a hole week, that will be awesome!

thanks for every tipps, recommentations and local spots…
with warm regards,
Marcus and the surprising lisa :slight_smile:

Hi Marcus,

This article is a good start!