What kind of shoes do I have to bring with me to the Ice Caves?


I am going on an Ice Cave tour but I am concerned that my shoes won’t suffice. What kind of shoes do you recommend for the tour and can I rent them at location?


hello Hedís. You should wear sturdy hiking shoes and outerwear suited to rainy or chilly weather (waterproof recommended. The tour operator will supply you with crampons and a helmet. I hope this helps!


Hey Herdis,

If you don’t have the correct boots, check with your tour provider, as many of them offer to rent them out.

Hope that helps,


I’d just recommend bringing proper hiking shoes to Iceland din general. if you are coming in winter, it doesn’t matter if you are in the city or in the countryside or the wilds, you will always need good and waterproof shoes. it’s actually just better than to wear ‘street’ shoes.
Don’t worry about it not looking ‘cool’ or some nonsense like that. You will see plenty of the locals wear shoes like that all year here, because no one likes having wet feet and especially not when it’s cold outside. You can buy shoes like this in Reykjavík, or even rent them and just haven them for your tour. Sometimes the tour operators also just rent them so you should not really have any problems getting proper shoes.


Hey Herdis,

Probably the most important thing is to ask your provider if information on it is not provided on your receipt. Because you need to attach crampons and are walking on uneven ice, you will want something sturdy. From many guides, you will hear stories of how people arrived for tours like this one in high-heeled shoes without seeing why it would be a problem, so really just use common sense with it. If you are in Iceland in winter for the ice caves, its not very likely that high-heels will be wearable at any point during your stay, unless you are inside!

Hope that helps!


Hi Herdís!

From all the glacier-hike and ice-caving tour operators that I’ve seen, they all offer hiking shoes for rental upon request. Still, it is better to call before hand to make sure that they’re available! Or just bring your own shoes, but make sure that they are sturdy and waterproof. There are a lot of really good outerwear stores in the city that sell hiking boots. What is also really important is to wear the right socks underneath, there are a lot of shops where you can buy real wool-socks that will keep your feet warm!

Have fun out on the ice!