What kind of 4WD is the best?


Hi all,

I’ll have a 3-weeks roadtrip around Iceland and I was wondering which 4WD will be the best?
I’ll have a little bit of F-road.
Dacia Duster? Suzuki S-Cross? Jimny?

Looking forward from your advice

Thanks all



Hi there,

Out of the models you mention I would recommend the Suzuki S Cross or the Dacia Duster. Both are the smaller category of jeeps so they will not be as expensive as Toyota Landcruiser or Mitsubishi Pajero, although these are very good cars for comfortable transport. The Suzuki Jimny is very small and I would always recommend the next category above for that extra comfort, especially as you will be using it for 3-weeks. Also, if you do intend to navigate the F-roads, you will be more comfortable in a slightly larger vehicle…