What is the difference between the Blue Lagoon and the Secret Lagoon?


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I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about the secret lagoon lately and I was wondering if it’s anything like the Blue Lagoon? I’ve not been to either but I don’t want to go to both places if they’re more or less the same.

What is the difference and how do I decide where to go?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


The lagoons are totally different. The blue lagoon is blue because of the water’s high levels of silica and sulfur, the secret lagoon is not as blue because it’s not as rich with these minerals. The blue lagoon is larger, fancier, more expensive and very crowded. I think the Secret Lagoon is more authentic and when I was there two years ago there was hardly anyone there but I don’t know about the crowds today.


I was at the Secret Lagoon some months ago and it was not soo quite there. But I liked it nevertheless, it has a rough flair. The pool is surrounded by big natural stones and you can also look at some small hot springs next to the pool.

But if you are looking for this unique blue the water has then you will only find this at the Blue Lagoon (or at the Mývatn Nature Bath in the north).


I’ve been to blue lagoon last December. Hm, I want to go there again…:wink:
Do you know that Blue lagoon gives free silica mud mask? I had a lot fun with it and it resulted a very soft skin!
I don’t know much about the secret lagoon, but I really recommend you to visit Blue lagoon to have fun and beauty!


The Blue Lagoon is really really nice and you shouldn’t skip it if you go to Iceland, honestly. it’s really expensive though and you need to book tickets in advance so you can get in on time. The Secret Lagoon is not a ‘silica’ lagoon, meaning it’s not blue, but clear. It’s a real hot spring (the Blue Lagoon is geothermally affected sea water)with very clear ground water in a high geothermal activity area. So if you go there you’ll see what most Icelanders think of when you say ‘hot spring’. Most Icelanders
do not view the Blue Lagoon as a hot spring.
Honestly i recommend you go to both, they are both easy to get to, either on tours or by car and they are totally different and should both be experienced :slight_smile:


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The Blue Lagoon might be expensive, but it really does hold up to its reputaion and is really very unique. If you have money to spend, it has a lot of additional packages like personal massages, and a store with lots of amazing products made with resources from the lagoon itself.

You should definetly check out The Secret Lagoon as well, since it is quite different, both in terms of the water itself, but also with the surrounding enviornment, in the Blue lagoon you are surrounded by lava fields, and in Secret lagoon you can see a mini-geyser regularly erupting!

Have fun relaxing! :relieved: