What I can do if emergency situation happened during my trip in Iceland?


If I had an accident, for example, cars or even in the nature during some activities, where can I call first? Is it 911?


I think there is a phone call for emergency which is 112. There is also an app


Hi Susie

I recommend you check out the Safetravel website and get their app before your trip, the emergency number in Iceland is 112.


Hi there Susie,

I’ve tried to include for you a little information about health care and services in Iceland. Iceland has a strong healthcare system and a rapid response team to any emergencies that should occur. Whilst out travelling, it’s always a wise idea to keep a first-aid kit with you.

Icelandic health insurance is covered by the state and citizens contribute towards it through their taxes and service fees. Iceland has a life expectancy rate of 83 years, due in large part to health care being a constant priority in the national budget. For example, Iceland has 16 hospitals in total and 16 health institutions (ie; clinics, teaching hospitals). There are no private hospitals in Iceland.

112 is the number to dial for anyone seeking emergency medical services. If there is no emergency, but medical assistance is still required within the city limits, people should call 544-4114 during normal opening hours.

If outside of those hours, people should dial 1700, where an English speaking nurse will offer medical advice, direct towards night-clinics or send staff for a house call. After hours, dental care can be reached by dialling 575-0505.

EEA and EFTA citizens will find they are covered by Icelandic health insurance if they are European Health Insurance Card holders.

I hope that enlightens a little! All the best,


Hi Susie

To start with, the emergency number is 112 and is valid for the whole country. This number connects you to all medical response teams, police, and other help you might need.
For road conditions, call 1771.
It is always wise to travel with a full insurance. Always be insured! Always! it’s just better to spend a few dollars on this in case of something happening than it is to end up with a massive debt.
There are no private hospitals in Iceland, but all EEA, EU and EFTA members have access to all health insurance as locals, as long as they have their E11 cards. For those from other countries, it is best to have good insurance and talk to your provider before you travel. When you travel always have all your papers in check. I highly recommend that you do a travel insurance that includes an SOS card contact - that is a company that specialises in assisting people that have had accidents and dealing with the bureoccracy, so you can relax if somethign happens. They will handle payments and insurance, - but you have to have this as a part of your insurance for it to work.
So basically: Check your health care provider/insurances. Bring E11 if you are from the Eu/affiliated unions. Travel safe.