What difference between Blue lagoon and Myvatn hot springs


I would like to try one of these. Which is recommended?
Seems like blue lagoon is very popular.but Myvatn is also unique,and water is real blue either from the photo.and which one is bigger.


Hey Ryan,

You are right to think that both places are very similar, and both come highly recommended. The main difference is location; the Blue Lagoon is very easily accessible, between Keflavík Airport and Reykjavík, while the Myvatn Nature Baths are in the very north. If you are planning to travel both areas, then which you go to depends on what you want. The Nature Baths are cheaper and usually less busy, while the Blue Lagoon is bigger and with more on site amenities and treatments available. By all means, visit both if you like, I am sure you’ll be grateful for the experience. Just be sure to book in advance, especially with the Blue Lagoon.

Hope that helps,



I like Mývatn better because the Blue lagoon is both really crowded and super expensive. Mývatn is more like ‘Iceland’ to me, - in nature and not just a massive resort. There’s a bar in the middle of the Blue Lagoon, and that just killed it for me, really. I got the feeling I was in a swimming pool, not in a hot spring.
Don’t get me wrong, the Blue Lagoon is really cool and all, I just like Mývatn better. It’s also so beautiful there, and there are so many amazing hiking places nearby. Also, they did some scenes from Game of Thrones there! Not in the Nature Bath, but nearby, not sure where.
Also, for me, it was a question of timing and price. You have to book the Blue Lagoon in advance, or else you can’t visit. I think there’s more of a chance to drop in at Mývatn, but booking is always better, especially if you’re going there in summer.
The problem with Mývatn though is that there can be a lot of flies if you’re there in spring.
But then, you can just do both! It’s pretty awesome either way! If you’re going north, do Mývatn, and then go to the Blue lagoon when you’re leaving :slight_smile: