What about the dangerous animals in Iceland?


I don’t know if there is some dangerous animals in Iceland, what I need attention about this?


Uhhh I really only saw farm animals and pets during my trip, but I did hear about some reindeers in the eastfjords. I don’t think you need to worry about wild animals in Iceland, but if you are driving out in the country just be careful not to hit anything :grin:


Hey Ryan,

The most dangerous animal in Iceland in summer is the domestic sheep; it sounds silly, but they are known to run out into the road when frightened, especially if it is a lamb separated from its mother or visa versa. Hitting one could damage your vehicle and your person, and will certainly damage your wallet as Icelandic law means that you owe the farmer the cost of losing their livestock.

Other than that, the animals are pretty harmless. Seals on the beaches should not be approached as they can behave unpredictably, and of course, the horses should not be approached from behind as their kicks are powerful.

We do very occasionally get an apex predator in Iceland, in the form of polar bears lost on their way from Greenland. The chances of you seeing one are absolutely minuscule, but they are very dangerous upon arrival, as they have spent a long time at sea and will be hungry enough to attack just about anything…

Hope that helps



Haha, no there are no dangerous animals in Iceland. We don’t really have that many land animals. There are foxes and minks, but they stay away from humans, and then there are Reindeer but they are in the highlands and also stay away from humans.
The most likely animal to cause problems is as Richard said, the sheep!
They are everywhere and by every road, so you need to be really careful when you’re driving because they sometimes run onto the road and get hit by cars. if that happens then you need to pay for the sheep AND for fixing the car. So they are very expensive animals to hit. You should be careful, because they often run onto the roads when cars come, as they want to be on the other side with the other sheep. They’re not that intelligent.
There are occasionally land seals, but they should not be approached. They can bite very hard if they are annoyed, and they are easy to disturb. You should just watch them from a distance.

There is one animal though: The Arctic tern. It’s called Kría in Icelandic, and it’s a small white bird with a black head and a tail like a swallow. They live all over Iceland. They have bright orange beaks that are super sharp and they will peck at you if you get too close. Sometimes, if you are in an area where there are many of these birds, the air will fill with them as they try to scare you away. They usually just swoop at people for a bit, but if you are too close to their nests, they will peck your head and it hurts a lot!