Vehicle storage near Keflavik



we plan to ship our overland vehicle to Iceland in January and leave it there for several months for multiple shorter trips in winter, spring and summer.

I am looking for contacts who know places to rent to store the rig other than KEF airport long term parking.

I already contacted two farmers renting space in their barns, unfortunately none of them have space available at the time needed.

The place should be reachable from KEF airport. We don’t mind if it takes 2 or 3 hours to get there, but it shouldn’t be a full day trip and some kind of transportation needs to be available.

Maybe someone here who knows someone, who knows someone … ? That would be wonderful!



Hi Arno,

I’m not sure I can help you with anyone but maybe you can get in touch with the car rental companies based at the airport? Some of them have quite large fleets and may know of somewhere or might be able to store your vehicle for a small fee. I really don’t know for sure but perhaps another avenue you can go down?


Hi Katrin,

thanks for your idea. Indeed I found one of the rental car companies offering indoor storage, but the price was incredible high. They requested over 56.000 ISK per month. But I only searched online and didn’t call any other of the companies yet, so that’s a good idea.