Trek from Landmannalaugar to Langisjor Lake through Muggudalir


Hello everyone,

I am new here and I finally decided to write a subject after reading a lot of discussions on this forum and others because I can not find an answer to my questions. If anyone here could help me, I’d be more than happy!

Going to Iceland at the end of June - beginning of July with the aim to do some trekking. As we read some many times that the trek between landmannalugar and Thorsmork is becoming more and more crowded, I ended up being scared of it (I really do not want this during trekking : blush :). I have been looking for a trek alternative of 4-5 days and I understand that Langisjor Lake and Sveinstindur Mountain are really worth seeing.

This only thing is that I did not find a 4-day-trek to Mount Sveinstindur to landmannalaugar.
I found on this site a path (red dotted) that goes through the north of Torfajokull, behind Muggudalir but impossible to find stories of anyone who would have been there. So here, I try one last time before I decide to make a more conventional route, would anyone have already taken this path? If so, does it involve any particular difficulties (passage of rivers, trails that are not very practicable …)?

Thank you in advance already, to all those who have had the courage to read me to the end! And thanks to those who can enlighten my lantern!

Good weekend to all !

PS : Knowing that, small important details, this year the company Reykjavik excursions do not open its lines 10 and 16 (landamannalaugar - Skaftafell and Eldgja - Kurk …)