Tipping in Iceland


How does tipping in Iceland work? Do you give servers, taxi drivers and tour guides tips? How much is expected?


Hi @Embla! I did not tip at all during my trip in Iceland and I have not been chased out of the shop haha:sweat_smile: It does not seem to be expected, but of course there are some places with tip/donation jars near the counter. I think it’s a great way to be nice and also get rid of your loose change but you are never required to.


Hey Embla,

There is no pressure to tip, but no taboo against it; you guides, servers, performers and drivers will all be very grateful to receive one, and you don’t need to worry about offending anyone by offering.

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Tipping is generally not done in Iceland - Icelanders certainly don’t tip. Sometimes restaurants have a tip jar and tour guides do sometimes ask for tips, but it’s not at all obligatory (and people both in restaurants and working as guides are actually on a pretty good salary, so their livelihood does not depend on your tips!)

Obviously most people still like getting tips, especially if they’ve done a good service, although some people will flat out refuse to take it. People will not be offended if you offer it however.
People in the arts are normally the ones that would most need it as they are most likely to be doing things in their own time, so if you happen to come across a street performer or see some live music then you can donate money to them if you feel like you simply have to give your money away :wink:


I worked in a service sector once, and I always felt weird about tips, but people are getting more used to it. It’s not expected, more like a good show of being pleased, especially with guides and such. Some people also bring small gifts and treats :slight_smile:
But yeah, what @Nanna_Gunnarsdottir said is really just the way it is.


Wow thank you for all of this information! It makes it easier to calculate how much I need to spend on my trip to Iceland.