Some questions from first timers


We will be in Iceland June 7-11, 2019. We plan to rent car at the airport and drive to Selfoss for a 2 night stay. We will drive the southern route to Vik then next day the golden circle back to Reykjavik for 2 nights. My questions follow.

Is there a bus to the rental car facility at KEF and is it free or do they charge? Is it open 24/7?

Is there any need to change from USD to ISK? We understand we can mainly use a credit card but read it may be difficult to get gas in some areas. Also what about parking fees?

Do they ever close the roads we will be driving during the timeframe?

Does it make a big difference in the car you rent considering the wind? Any recommendations for a car for 2 people? We won’t be in the more rugged areas.

Do the hotels in Reykjavik have free parking?

What route would you suggest from KEF to Selfoss? Our arrival time at KEF is 1800.

Would you suggest renting a gps or using US (Sprint) phone?


Hello Gary,
Here are some answers to your questions:

Four car rentals have service desks at the Airport. As far as I know, depending on which you choose you’ll either be able to walk to your car or get transported there free of charge. The opening hours are from very early to very late to correlate with when arrivals at the airport happen.

I’d recommend changing some USD to ISK just in case you do encounter a place that doesn’t take card. Even though this is unlikely, as they say, better safe than sorry.

There are parking fees in many places in central Reykjavík and also at the places most frequented by tourists, for example Thingvellir National Park. These fees can be paid at each location usually using an automated machine.

It is unlikely that popular tourists roads will be closed during summer but I recommend you check closer to the date. Information about road conditions in Iceland can be found on

Weather or not your hotel has parking depends on the hotel and its location. It’s less likely to have parking the closer to the city centre it is.

You’ll probably want to take Route 427 since you’re arriving in the evening, it’s quicker than driving through the city of Reykjavík.

I’d personally choose renting a gps, but if you’re used to relying on directions on your phone and not planning to stray from well-traveled paths, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use your phone to get around in Iceland.

Hope this was a help.