Solstice festivals in Snæfellsnes



Are there any Summer Solstice festivals in Snæfellsnes? If so what do they include? Are there any specific Icelandic traditions?


Hi Melkorka,

If you are talking about the secret solstice festival then that is in Reykjavík, more specifically, Laugardalur Valley. Here is their website:

If you are looking for festivals in the countryside then check out this article, which lists all festivals in Iceland:

Enjoy and party on!


Wow! Thank you! That is so much help. This is just what I was looking for, looks awesome!
I will be sure to check these out :slight_smile:


Hey Melkorka

Yes I’ve been to the Secret Solstice festival in Reykjavík a couple of times and it’s always amazing! There is something about enjoying the midnight sun while being at outdoor concerts for almost 72 hours straight and you don’t have to sleep as much when it doesn’t get dark :slight_smile:


OMFG Secret Solstice is so fucking awesome, though I’m not sure it’s like…you know, a Solstice festival. For a real one you should go to Ásatrúarfélagið and attend the Blót, but for sheer awesomeness, you should go to Secret Solstice. If you plan to come though, book well in advance and book your accommodation as soon as you know you will be coming. Reykjavík is full of people over this season so you need think ahead. This applies to everyhing from tours to accommodation to restaurant reservations.
If you want to escape the crowds, this is not the season to come but if you love good music, this IS the season to come :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Melkorka,

It is not a solstice festival, but there was an ever-growing festival on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula called the Extreme Chill festival. Next year, however, it is being held in Reykjavík instead. There is a film festival called Northern Wave still on the peninsula, however.

In terms of historic Icelandic traditions on the day of the summer solstice, the most unusual one I have heard is to roll naked through the morning dew; it is said to bring you luck for the next year.

Do not know if that helps, hope you find what you are looking for though



Just on the topic of this year’s Secret Solstice in Reykjavík though, it looks like its going to be a great show. There are musicians from all around the world coming to play. Headliners include the Foo Fighters, the Prodigy, Rick Ross, and one of my favourite artists of all time Chaka Khan. Every year it just seems to grow bigger and bigger. You can buy one of many different kinds of festival passes, one which just admits you in, one where you can camp on site as well (which is probably the most recommended for the full experience), and many where you can combine the festivlas with tours, such as lava caving, or the ice tunnels in Langjökull. The dates for this year are the fifteenth to the eighteenth of June, so book soon before they run out!! They will be cheaper now than buying them online afterwards!


Thanks so much Richard! :slight_smile: