Snowing on tour day from Reykjavik


I’ve booked a tour but the weather forecast says that it will be snowing both the day before and on the day that the tour should be on. Do you think the tour will run? I know there is snow in the mountains (it’s called Iceland, lol) but not sure about driving out of town on a snow day. Should I just cancel?


Snow is totally fine and honestly it’s super pretty when it snows. In my experience it does not snow continuously. Icelandic weather is notoriously capricious. Most likely it will snow a bit, then stop, then snow a bit more, then stop (like today!). Different locations will be different as well.

As long as there are no storm warnings, you are totally fine. No need to cancel. Just enjoy it. (and dress well, speaking of which, check this article out: How to pack for travel in Iceland)

If you want to learn a bit more about the weather in Iceland, here’s another helpful article:
Weather in Iceland & Best Time To Visit

If the weather is truly unfit to travel, the operators will cancel the tours and notify you. You will get a full refund automatically in such cases.


Unless it’s an unusually large amount of snow coming in on one day, then most likely your tour will go ahead. Like mentioned above, if there’s a storm warning, then perhaps roads are closed and your tour will be cancelled (but you’ll get a full refund). If that happens, I recommend checking out the local swimming pools - nothing beats sitting in a hot tub with snowflakes melting on your face :slight_smile:


Not sure if I want to go swimming it’s so cold that it’s snowming, LOL, but thanks :slight_smile:


Hi guys! Just wanted to give an update!
It was snowing so much when we went but there were no problems at all! I was a bit scared driving at first because I’m not used to see so many people drive in heavy snowfall but it seemed like no one else was bothered at all! We went out into the countryside and it was so amazingly beautiful, all white and fluffy! We even had the time to stop and I made a real snowman, like actually, honest to god huge snowman!
It was just a sightseeing tour, but we really got to enjoy ourselves there, and even though there was snow falling the whole day there never was a problem. The bus was on studded tires so I think it was just like driving on asphalt for them.
I actually did the insane things Nanna said and went swimming (in snowfall!) in the evening, and it was SO NICE! The hot tubs are so warm and cosy and the snow falling on your head just makes it all the better. I wish it had been a private pot so we could have had beers. It would have made it so perfect!

I’m never going to be afraid of snow again! Iceland cured me of that!