Sites to Visit for followers of Asatru


Hail & Hello!

I am a member of the Board of Directors for The Asatru Community in the United States. We are a Universalist Asatru community that welcomes anyone who hears the call of the Gods.
My question is, my Wife and I have started up an Iceland Travel business with the goal of putting together travel packages specific to followers of Asatru, and we would like to know what places in Iceland should every follower of Asatru see while traveling there?
We know of the Museums and Floki’s Landing, Thingvillar Park, etc. but was hoping to get ideas from locals on here that know of specific places we should arrange for Asatru folk to see.

Thank you for your help!

In Frith,



I guess Goðafoss waterfall in Northern Iceland as well but Þingvellir is the major site.