Safe travel and travel plans for Iceland


For those who like doing Highlands travels, there is a place called Safe Travel Iceland. It’s for people who want to do highland hiking and glacier hiking. They help you make a safe plan and are your check in people during your trip. It’s really great as Icelandic nature can be pretty unpredictable so it’sg good to have a group of specialists helping out. And it’s free!
You can find them at City Hall information centre :slight_smile:


It’s important to take care and travel safely in Iceland, there may not be any dangerous animals, but the weather and the nature can be very dangerous!

The Icelandic Search and Rescue Party is always risking their lives saving people from difficult circumstances - everyone in the Search and Rescue parties are volunteers and it does not cost anything to be rescued in Iceland. But please be careful so you don’t risk your lives or theirs!

Places you should be extra careful near are Reynisfjara black sand beach in south Iceland, and near any cliffs and beaches with large waves and big surf, as well as on top of glaciers - never go glacier hiking unless you are with an experienced guide that knows the area well, new snow can cover up dangerous cracks that people that are unfamiliar with the glacier can easily fall into and injure themselves.

Leave your travel plan here for a safe travel in Iceland!


Does this safe travel place have a website?


Hey Embla,

Yes, it is




Hey there!

Safe Travel also has an app for your phone:

Using it, you can call for help with the press of a button and the app will send your location via text, even without a signal! It’s free for download :slight_smile:

Also, here is a handy guide on how to drive safely around the island:

Be safe everyone!! :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: