Route through East Iceland


Driving from Keflavik to Husavik via South and East Iceland over 2/3 days. Looking for suggestions of pretty places to stay en route, either 2 or 3 overnight stops.


What time of year? Will you be camping, or looking for hostels, or hotels? Or farm stays or want to rent a cabin along the way?

There are dozens of places you could stay, from low budget camping sites to luxury hotel stays, so really depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re coming in summertime, then camping is a great way to spend the night as you don’t need to book in advance and can just go to the nearest campsite when you feel like you’re getting tired.

In winter however, make sure you book something indoors.

I’d recommend renting a cabin along the way (find one with a hot tub, best way to relax and the most local way to hang out in Iceland). You can check out to find cabins/cottages.

Skaftafell is a really beautiful place to stop on your first night. There’s a campsite if you’re on a low budget, and a variety of hotels in the area if you’d rather want that. The fanciest hotel would be Foss Hotel Glacier Lagoon, but Hotel Skaftafell probably has a more reasonable pricing. The hostel at Vagnsstaðir is also not too bad if you’re on a budget.

There’s also a great hostel further East if you want to drive further on your first day, at Berunes in Djúpivogur.

For your second night, you should stay somewhere around Mývatn. Granted, it’s very close to Húsavík, but there is just so much to see around Lake Mývatn that it’s worth spending the night in the area. You’ll have plenty of options here, from budget to luxury. One place, Hlíð, offers anything from campgrounds, hostel beds, hotel beds and rental cabins.
Maybe see if you can get a cabin around there.

If you’re planning on sightseeing around Lake Mývatn after you reach Húsavík, then maybe look for a place around Egilsstaðir or Seyðisfjörður for your second night.


I recently did the ring-road (& Vestfirðir!) in a VW camper van from Lagoon Car Rentals I would highly recommend this car rental, the van was in great condition and the bedding provided was comfortable and clean.

For scenic surroundings and good amenities, I can recommend the campsite at Höfn. While we were there the whole area was covered in a blanket of fog which although hid some of the more mountainous scenery, made for an eerily beautiful stay in town. I would highly recommend a spot on the top of the hill for the best views. If you can make it to the swimming pool before it closes, I would recommend that over using the campsite facilities as they were very busy and you had to pay per minute for the shower. There are hot plates for a warm meal after a busy day of sightseeing.

I have to agree with Nanna about Mývatn - I stayed at the Hlíð campsite which was far enough away from the lake to avoid the pesky bugs from which the lake derives its name but still close enough to enjoy amazing views. We could also see the cottages from where we were and they looked cosy enough! Staying in the Mývatn area also means you can wake up early and avoid the busloads of people doing bus tours from Akureyri - we got to enjoy the breath-taking Grjótagjá cave all to ourselves.