Rent camera in Iceland


Is their any place in Iceland or Reykjavik that I can rent a camera ?


Actually we don’t have any shop to rent camera for tourist,as far as i know only one shop rent profession camera ,but I don’t think it will be suitable for common tourist.I know some local tour have this service,like snorkeling tour,etc.
I suggest you bring own camera.:slight_smile:


Hi Anton!

If you are looking for a professional camera to have a cool photo shoot in Icelandic nature I think you can find something at Nýherji or Kukl.

I already rented with Nýherji and it was fine! Just make sure they have what you need in stock because they don’t have many items of one kind…


I think there is this one store in Ármúli that rents cameras and other stuf flike that but I do not know what it’s called. Does anyone know?
Also, you could get lucky and just find a camera for not too much money in the duty-free. it’s honestly likley cheaper than renting because renting is just expensive in generla, and you likley cannot get a camera that is exacly like you want. Maybe you should write to the info@guidetoiceland and ask? I don’t know really.
You can also try to buy used one if that is cheaper but I’ll try to check if I can find that store I mentioned. It should be fine, really .


Hans Petersen? Don’t see on their website that they rent out cameras.


I think you shouldn’t bother with renting a camera if you are not going to do some professional photo shoots. For fun ‘look I was here’ photos, it is better to bring any old camera, your phone or buy a cheap one in the duty-free. I think they still have disposable cameras there and there are still places here in Iceland where you can get a film developed (like Hans Petersen in Ármúli).

However, if you are a professional photographer and are planning on doing some professional photo stuff, Nýherji and Kukl are really nice.

Just remember that the weather here in Iceland is very unpredictable; you could be taking photos in the sun one minute and in the pouring rain the next…maybe even in a snowstorm in the minute after that.


There is always the possibility of joining a specialised photographic tour - that way, you will be able to rent a professional piece of equipment and be taken directly to some of the most photographic spots in the whole of Iceland. One benefit of doing it this way is that you will be surrounded by other photographers and guides who can help, advise and inspire your work.