Power adaptor and US to European plug converter -- where to buy in Iceland?


I’m staying around Reyjavik – and we can’t figure out where to buy the charger for the phone, and also the adaptor to be able to use US electric devices, and maybe transformer, too, please. We love it here and would love to take lots of photos – but our phones are without charge, and camera will also need to be charged soon. We are sorry we didn’t think about it prior to coming here :slight_smile: I would appreciate any advice please!!!

Also, if you could recommend a similar experience to Blue Lagoon, maybe some natural thermal bath, I would appreciate it, as we just tried to make a reservation to Blue Lagoon and nothing is available until the night of the 2nd, and we are leaving on the 2nd. So, we would love to go to any other similar natural hot baths if possible please!

Thank you so much,



Dear Tanya,

I’m sorry because I think I’ve probably seen this a little too late. Many convenience stores & gas stations will sell them. One electronic store is Elko but you can probably find them in the more encompassing supermarkets such as Hagkaup.

If you’ve already finished your holiday, I hope you found one & had a lovely time.