Possible to go to Landmannalaugar in April?


I’ve visited Landmannalaugar in July on a local day tour. A lot of people ask me whether it’s possible to drive there in months other than the summer (June to August).

I know that to get there one needs to drive on the mountain roads, which are closed outside the summer months.
What I’m curious about is those super jeep tours that go to Landamannalaugar all year, for example this one:
Landmannalaugar Super jeep tour

Anyone knows why? Can I actually recommend this tour to friends? How come a tour can go there but not regular tourists?



Hi @Xiaochen!
It’s possible, but not on regular cars. That’s why the superjeeps go there all the time, but the roads are only open to the ‘regular traffic’ in summer. The superjeeps are modified and can handle the snow and the ice so it’s alright, but you also have to have a special licence to drive them, so you cannot just rent a jeep and go. But the tours are cool! And also, there are very few people there in winter!


Landmannalaugar at winter time is a hidden gem.

Due to the reasons you point out, there aren’t many people there at that time.

The tours there are well worth it and definitely something to recommend to a friend.