Places to have a (non beer) drink with friends?


I have a lot of friends visiting me soon and I want to take them out for drinks.

However we are not that into beers (locals don’t judge us!). I know Icelanders are huge about beers but I was thinking of cocktails and the like.

Any recommendations for cocktail places in the capital? It’d be awesome if anyone can suggest a few different options. Also are there any famous Icelandic cocktails that travellers should try?


Hi Xiaochen

I would recommend the Sky bar and the Mar bar for cocktails, the locals like those too :slight_smile:


I agree with @Sverrir_Omar_Ingason

I heard that Sky bar (in Harpa) has a big discount on drinks on Monday evenings, bringing their prices down to “normal” price.
Apparently, they also serve the best margaritas in Iceland so I definitively recommend checking them out.


Thank you both for your recommendations!

I just googled them. Looks like Sky bar has really good views!


Hi Xiaochen,

if you are still searching for good places I can highly recommend Bar Ananas somewhere close to Laugavegur shopping street. They have really good cocktails and the atmosphere is quite relaxed with a Hawaii-theme! :cocktail:


If you’re looking for an awesome place with great views, there is also a bar called the Petersen suite that’s located on the top of the old opera house. it gives views over the old part of the city and the harbour and it’s really nice in there. It’s like 1020’s art deco vibe and they serve cocktails and other nice things. It’s really a perfect place if you’re looking to chiil in style, and maybe looking for something more fun that the average bar. They also have live music, and the pianist is amazing! There’s a violin girl too who sings and she’s amazing too! I totally recommend you go there


Hey Xiaochen,

My favourite place to go for a cocktail is a bar/club called Kiki, on the Laugevegur Main Street. The upstairs section has a cocktail bar, with a wide selection. You should be aware, however, that Kiki is only open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, so for a drink the rest of the week, you should go to one of the places mentioned above. My overall favourite bar in the country is Gaukurinn, which also have a cocktail list, with special cocktails on days with special events. At both these places, the staff are very friendly.

Hope that helps,



Hello Xiaochen,
Why not take a look at our new article, Happy Hour: Reykjavik’s Cheapest Bars.
Though this is only a selection of some of the fantastic bars and clubs in the city, it’s an excellent starting point for your night out. :smiley: There is also an Iphone/Ipad app - APPY HOUR - that lists all of the happy hour prices, times and locations across Reykjavik.
Hope this helps!