Night life in Reykjavík


I am going to be in Reykjavík from Thursday to Monday, what is the best area for clubbing and how long do the clubs stay open?


Well, there is mainly one area in which to go out at night and that is central Reykjavík. Here’s everything you need to know about the Nightlife in Reykjavík :slight_smile:


I would follow the people and the good vibes. Sometimes my favorite bars are empty and then I go to bars that I normally wouldn’t go to but have a blast because it’s full of different people form my regular crowd and just nice atmosphere. I normally decide if I like the bar and the current vibes the moment I walk in so you might have to hop between few bars before you find the right one but that’s all part of the fun :slight_smile:


I like hanging at places with low music and not too much noise, so I’m not sure how the best party scene is, or where best to dance, but I know a lot of people of many different backgrounds go to Hressó (Hressingarskálinn) in austurstræti - but be careful in that area, they are expensive and make their living off tourists. The further away from that street, you get, the more locals you might find, with an exception of Nora Magazin, which is by Austurvöllur park. It’s a pretty nice place, but you should be there early to get some seats, as they are a restaurant as well.
For dancing, you should check if there is something going on at NASA, which is across the small park from Nóra. It’s a concert venue that might close down soon, but it’s a place with a lot of history and there is a lot of love in the walls there, so it’s both today’s favourite and then a peek into the past - the house has been a party place for many decades :slight_smile:

If you’re a beer person, go to Mikkeller or to Skúli. You can just stay there and drink all the craft and micro beers available and I’d say that’s a fair night :stuck_out_tongue:


What if at one of the many pubs etc you meet someone nice and they want to come back to your Hotel for the night (or longer), are Hotels in Reykjavik generally ok with that or is it totally prohibited?


Yes, that is not a problem :slight_smile: