Need Help from an Icelander Translating a Word


Can someone (fluent in icelandic) please help me translate a few words? I have looked it up in Google Translate but I am not 100% certain that it is correct. The word I want translated in English is “Icelandic Tolt”. Tolt is a special gait of the icelandic horse. “Islensku Tolt” is what I think the translation should be, but I have also seen “Islensk”, “Islenska”, “Islenskar” also being the word for “Islandic”. I don’t know if the translation depends on the word the adjective is describing. Any thoughts?


Hi Rob,

Íslenska Töltið is how you would say it correctly although people in Iceland wouldn’t call it the Icelandic tölt in Icelandic because everyone understands what tölt is & that it is special to the Icelandic horse so there’s no need to specify.

Words in Icelandic differ greatly depending on a large range of factors, our grammar is notoriously difficult!