Natural hot pools in Iceland


Do you have cool tips for me? :sweat_smile: I am searching for nice geothermal pools that are not crowded and good to reach, around the island. We are thinking of driving all around Iceland, also the Westfjords… or is it not worth going there for the first visit?


Hey Rebecca

There are lots of great geothermal pools around Iceland - and actually most of them are in the Westfjords, and that’s also the least visited area of Iceland so you’re more than likely to have the hot springs there all to yourself!

Many pools in Iceland are quite hard to reach and you have to put in a bit of effort to get there and have a good 4x4 car to reach them. Luckily, some are right by the road and easy to reach :slight_smile:

In the Westfjords you should check out Krossneslaug, Reykjafjarðarlaug, Hellulaug that’s right by Flókalundur, Pollurinn by Tálknafjörður, Heydalur (there’s a greenhouse with two man-made pools and a natural pool a 10 minute walk away) and the hot tubs in the seaside at Drangsnes. Some of these are man-made, but with natural water.

In north Iceland Grettislaug and Kaldbakur lake are easily accessible, and in the south of Iceland you can easily access Seljavallalaug (man-made pool with natural hot water in the side of a mountain) and if you hike for an hour or so from Hveragerði you’ll reach the warm Reykjadalur valley river, which are quite popular but such a long river that you can find your own private spot.

And then there are also some fantastic swimming pools you can check out, such as the gorgeous pool at Hofsós with a view out to sea, or the classic Blue Lagoon, Mývatn Nature Baths and the Secret Lagoon, but there you will have to pay an entry fee.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I was in the Westfjords a bit back and I think you should only go there if you can spend at least four whole days. It’s a pretty big area and the roads are a bit hard to drive on in some places. There’s a really cool ‘warm lake’ just outside Húsavík that’s really worth a visit and you can go whale watching on the same day :slight_smile:


Hi Rebecca.

I see that you have got some pretty good answers to your question already :slight_smile: I have written about some of the hot pools in the Westfjords in a blog, but there are plenty more which I will be writing about soon. I would also recommend that you use some 3-4 days in exploring the Westfjords, more and more people are visiting this area of Iceland now. I spent 9 days in the Westfjords last summer and still haven’t explored the whole area. Have a lovely time in Iceland and I hope you get to visit many hot pools :slight_smile:


Oh wow, thank you all so much for those insider tips, I will for sure have a lot of bathing to do now during my visit! Especially the hot pots in the Westfjords look so amazing, I probably should not miss them, haha :heart_eyes: