Music from Iceland


I want to persuade my boyfriend to go to the Icelandic metal festival - Eistnaflug, but he insists on Midgardsblot in Norway. I know some bands from Iceland but unfortunately not too much. Can you recommend me some cool metal band that will not be Sólstafir or Skálmöld, and more like Misþyrming? Takk!


Here are a few bands you and your boyfriend could check out:


There are also Naðra, Nyiþ, Zhrine, Wormlust, Mannveira (all on youtube) and soooo many more, I think you’ll just have to come here and discover more :wink:


Hi @Berenika! - Tell him to come to Eustnaflug! it’s totally better! @Svany_Sif has the list pretty neat there :slight_smile: Also, it’s just more metal in general to come to Iceland :stuck_out_tongue: