Museums in Reykjavik


What kind of museums are in down town area? Which one do you recommend? I am interested in history and culture of Iceland.


I personally like the Reykjavik Art Museum. Then in the past years The Icelandic Phallological Museum has been very popular among tourists. If you are looking for history and culture, a fun one is Saga Museum. But the National Museum of Iceland might be more to your liking.

Reykjavik has quite a lot of small sized museums and galleries. You can see Guide to Iceland’s recommendation in these two articles:
Reykjavík’s Best Art Museums and Photo Exhibitions
Top 6 Museums in Reykjavik

If you plan to visit a lot of museums, you might want to get the Reykjavik City Card. It includes free entry to basically all the museums in Reykjavik, plus bus rides, a ferry ride and something. I think there’s also some discounts on certain stores. The card is sold by time period: 24 hours, 48 hours, and 72 hours. If I’m not wrong, the 24-hour one is 2900 ISK so if you visit more than 2 museums, you will get your value back.

You can buy it from the official tourist information center at City Hall.

Have fun!


I’ve gone to Búvélasafnið Hvanneyri, it’s pretty nice if you like history of farm equipment.
It’s near Borgarnes.

They also have a Ford Model T there. It was pretty awesome to see that car.


Thanks for your tips! Reykjavik City Card seems worth getting, considering that I want to visit several museums found on the link you gave me.:slight_smile:


History of farm equipment! I am not a farmer but it does sound fun! :slight_smile:
Thank you for your tip!


Hi There! - I’d go to the open air museum and visit the old farm, it’s a pretty cool place and within the city limits. The Visit Reykjavk card is valid there and you can easily join a free guided tour at 13:00 every day. They’re only open in summer but that should be alright, - they still have the guided tour in winter but the other houses are not open. There are many old Icelandic houses there and in summer the staff is all dressed in traditional costumes and set up for control work :slight_smile: if you like animals, they also have a lot fo them there and there is a café if you get hungry

There is also the settlement exhibition in the town centre where there is an old Viking longhouse from the Settlement time. it’s very informative and the staff are super nice and take a good time in explaining things to you if you want to know more. Both museums are also kid friendly, so you can go there with children if you have them. If you like boats, you can also visit the maritime museum, they have a coast guard ship there! It’s super cool! You can go inside it and look through the whole thing and see what’s going on in there and how things are for the costguard.