Luggage space in 7 seater Toyota Land cruiser


We are 7 in total want to rent a 7 seater automatic transmission car, I found a 7 seater Toyota Land Cruiser automatic. Is their enough space for 7 person plus luggage, what is the luggage space in this kind of car ?


Usually if you are 7 person only for 2 luggage,but I don’t think you guys only 2 luggage,it’s better you choose 9 seater car,that will be fit for you.I hope my suggestion will be helpful:)


Don’t you need a special licence to drive a nine-seater?


No, that will not be enough for you. Go for a 9 seater or 2 cars so you can have space for everything and travel comfortably. The 2 seats in the back also are tiny so the people there will be packed the entire tour, even though you do not have luggage.
You are okay with a normal licence driving the 9 seater, but you can not get a bigger car than that without special licence.