Late September - Early October Campervan

Hi, we will be travelling to Iceland from September 21 to October 4, we’re planning to self drive around the ring road for about 10 days, and spend the remaining time in the city. We’re torn between renting out a campervan or renting out a car and book different accommodations/hostel/airbnb. We’re flexible as to where to stay, we just need a place to sleep, shower and cook/prep meals.

I was told in some forums that campervan even in early October is not a good idea as it is already winter. On the other hand, I’ve read/seen blogs and vlogs saying that campervan in October is okay.

Has anyone here campervan around Iceland in early October? Would also love to hear from someone from Iceland to give a bit of feedback on this matter. Thank you.

Additional info - there’s 2 of us in the trip. There’s no winter in our country, so no winter driving for us, and we’re not planning to rent large campervans, we’re thinking of renting from Cozy 1 from Cozy Campers (Hyundai H1).