Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon and Ice caves in Iceland


I want to travel to Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon on the south coast in Iceland. Is there a day tour to the ice caves? Can I drive there myself? I want to go on a tour but I also want to stop on a black sand beach and see the waterfalls so I don’t know if I should rather try to drive myself.


I just got back from Iceland and we went on an Ice Cave tour. It was a little too warm that day and a lot of water was flowing through the ice cave so we couldn’t actually go in the cave. But it was still worth it for the glacier walk and all the other craters that our tour guide took us too. We booked our tour with Blue Iceland and just loved our tour guide. If you’re staying in Reykjavik, the drive to Jokulsarlon will be a long one. Because of the limited daylight hours, I would really recommend finding accomodations closer to Jokulsarlon at least for 1 night (we stayed at the Katla House near Kirkjubæjarklaustur - airbnb). We saw the black sand beaches in Vik and a couple waterfalls on the first day (Seljalandfoss was our favourite!), and then woke up early the next day and drove another hour or so to Jokulsarlon. The tour guides pick you up from there in a big jeep and take you to the glacier (which you cant really safely get to with a regular car). After your ice cave tour when you get back to Jokulsarlon lagoon, make sure you cross the street and check out the diamond beach before you leave. It was absolutely beautiful.


I see that you got an excellent answer from Katarzyna :slight_smile: I visited the ice caves last year and was in awe of their beauty. I have written a blog on my experience The ice caves differ from year to year and if we have had longer periods of rain then water can flow through the caves. I am sorry to hear that you weren’t able to go inside the cave during your visit, Katarzyna. When we visited on the other hand it was cold and frost and the caves were extraordinary. What I think would be the best thing for you to do, Unnur, is to go on a 2-day self-drive tour which will give you time to visit the waterfalls and the black sand beach on the south-coast of Iceland. The tour includes an itinerary, a car and accommodation and you will be able to see a lot of the south-coast on your tour. Have a lovely time in Iceland :slight_smile:


The only way you can go to the ice caves in southeast Iceland from Reykjavík in one day, is if you take a flight there and back. Just the drive itself (without stopping) is about 6 hours from Reykjavík to Jökulsárlón - longer if the roads are very icy or the weather is bad, and you’ll also want to make plenty of stops on the way to admire waterfalls, and Reynisfjara (the black sand beach you’re probably referring to).
Please note: BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL AT THE BLACK SAND BEACH!!! This can not be stressed enough, you should stay about 20-30 metres away from the waves, even if it’s a calm day. A few tourists have died there because they don’t realise how dangerous the waves are and are too occupied taking selfies in the surf.
But anyway, if you take care, then the drive along the south coast is simply stunning - and I’d say your best bet is to rent a car for 2-3 days and drive there yourself. Through Guide to Iceland you can book a 2 day self-drive tour that includes an ice cave visit - and that takes care of your rental car and accommodation along the way :slight_smile: But you can also book a two day tour where you visit all the main attractions along the way and don’t need to worry about the driving yourself :slight_smile:


It sounds that everybody love glacier lagoon and ice cave! I love it also!!! A little pricey but grate experience!
We booked our tour for 1pm and drove there from Reykjavik in one day. Had to leave guest house at 6am. Rout #1 south (1S) easy and friendly. If you decided to drive don’t forget to fill in your car’s gas tank and get some food! Good luck! .