Itinerary help! North and South Coast


We are planning to visit Iceland and looking into all the locations we want to visit.
But we cannot agree on how we should go around these places. We have about 5 days in Iceland and want to visit, Reykjavik, Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle, Myvatn, Akureyri, Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, Vatnajokull.
Is any way we can visit Vatnajokull area after visiting Akureyri, like a short cut?


You kind of have to come for longer to visit all these places… Are you planning on going in winter or summer?

I think you could maybe do Reykjavík, Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle and the south coast to Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon and back in 3 days, and then you can go on a 1-2 day tour to Akureyri and Mývatn if you take a domestic flight there. Driving to Akureyri takes 5-6 hours one way, so you save a lot of time by flying there (the flight takes about 30 minutes).

Here’s a daytour from Reykjavík to Akureyri/Lake Mývatn with flights. Note it’s just available between March and October.

This is easier in summertime with the long daylight and better weather, but should also be doable in wintertime (depending on the weather conditions).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hey Kuna,

The absolute minimum really recommended for doing the circle of Iceland is 6 days. If you really rush, start early, finish late, make very few stops and ensure they are short when you do, you might be able to get this done, but the above recommendation will really allow you to enjoy everything a lot more. There is no fast way to get between Akureyri and Vatnajökull.

Hope that helps,



Well, you could fly I guess. If you fly to Akureyri and then drive from there and through the east and the south, you could cover most places. However, I’d really not recommend trying to travel that much in Iceland in so few days.
A day tour to the north is really nice, and you can take a tour with flights that visit Mývatn, and then drive the rest. It will take you a lot of time to drive, so this might be the best option for you.
If you have more days, are travelling in summer and have a good 4x4, you could also drive Kjölur road, though it usually takes just as long time as driving the main roads.
I think you should do a day tour north the first day in Iceland, and then drive the south coast to Jökulsárlón :), That way you can maybe do it in so few days.
You arrive on day one, and relax a bit, then go north on day two. On day three you drive the Golden Circle and to Vík, then on day four you drive the rest and go to Jökuslárlón. Day 5 drive back to the city and then on day 6 fly away from Iceland.

I really think this is the best and most time efficient way to do this withouth you drivign for 6 hours a day, - that’s no fun at all to travel like that :stuck_out_tongue: