Is there any zoo in Reykjavik?


I’m gonna traveling to Iceland with my family and kids, so I was wondering is there any zoo or other place we can make ‘close contact’ with animals?



Yes,there is a zoo in Reykjavik,whole name is The Reykjavik Zoo and Family Park,but it is not like any zoo you’ve seen before, actually. You won’t see lions, elephant, giraffes, hippos or anything like that. It’s main animal is focus on Icelandic farm animals and several wild native species. it’s like, seals, foxes and chickens attract people of all ages, all year around, though the zoo is mostly appealing to children. the official website below:

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Hi Ryan,

Thank you soooo much for the link of the zoo!!


Hey Rongge!

I just wanted to add that although The Family Park and Zoo is the largest thing resembling a zoo in the country, it’s not the only one!

In fact, you’ll also find several popular petting zoos in the countryside. A popular one is called Slakki and is located in Laugarás in Biskupstungur in the south of Iceland.

Here is the petting zoo’s facebook page:

Another one is the Hólmur Farm Zoo in Mýrar in Austur-Skaftafellsýsla.

These zoos typically host the local farm-animals of Iceland; cows, sheep, horses and pigs, as well as a variety of birds, rabbits and maybe even kittens!

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I love Slakki! It’s such a wondreful place. it’s great for kids and families as whole :slight_smile:
There is also a small farm that only has icelandic goats. The species is nearly extinct so it’s super imporrtant to assist them. They are at Háafell famr in Hvítársíða, in Borgarfjörður :
You can buy cheese there as well, made at the farm, and meet the goats. it’s super nice and the goats are just so much fun. I really recommend that people go there :slight_smile:


Slakki zoo is amazing for children, but my favourite is still the Family Zoo and Park in Laugardalur.

I think it has mostly to do with the area, Laugardalur is filled with fun activities, and you can spend the whole day there. You have the Laugardalslaug swimming pool, which I think is the largest one in Reykjavík. It has a few slides and several hot tubs. There are the Reykjavík Botanical Gardens with an amazing café. And of course the theme park with rides for young children.

Also in the area are numerous cafés, restaurants, ice-cream shops and a hot dog stand.

A fun story. An animal escaped the zoo once. Good thing the zoo isn’t filled with lions and tigers. No, this was a baby seal that managed to escape and entered the nearby camping area. Visitors woke up in the morning seeing this cutie in front of their tent. I’ve been told the security is tighter now :wink:


Thank you guys for the super useful information!



hey Rongge!

I just wanted to add why I recommended the farmland petting-zoos earlier; the Family Park in the city actually has a problematic reputation. You see, they don’t only host farm animals, but wild animals too! They have SEALS there that live their entire lives inside a tiny tank, and to look at them swim in constant circles is just heartbreaking. Seals belong in the wild ocean, not in a bathtub, in my opinion at least.
My advice would be to enjoy the wildlife in their natural habitat, such as in Whale Watching tours! There you can also see sea birds and often puffins! And to see the farm animals, all you have to do is visit stables or drive along the ring road, where the cows, sheep and horses all get to roam free in the summertime. The horses even stay outside in winter because of their amazing adaptability and thick winter coats! They’re also really friendly and will probably let you pet them if you get close to their fence (don’t cross over though) :wink:

Hope this helped - or at least provided a new perspective!

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