Is the tap water safe to drink in Iceland?


I have to boil the tap water before drink in my country, if I can drink tap water without boiling, I also know hot water from geothermal in Iceland home, if is it possible to drink? Thank you!


Hi there! The cold tap water in Iceland is definitely safe to drink but do let it run for a few seconds first! The hot water and the cold water come out of the same faucet so you might get some residue of the hot water in the pipes if you have used them previously.
And if you need to use the hot water for tea/cooking do not use the hot water straight from the tap! You will need to boil or heat the cold water for tea :smiley: The hot water has a sulfur smell but it is completely safe to shower with.


The tap water is great, clean and tasty - and you can get it for free at every restaurant and café in Iceland (never pay for drinking water in Iceland!)

The hot water smells of sulphur (some people say it’s like rotten eggs, I personally love the smell, it’s very natural and I never feel as clean as when I’ve had an Icelandic shower!)

Make sure you let the cold water run for a while to get it extra cold, there’s a bit of sulphur taste if it’s mixed with the hot water (it’s not bad for you, just doesn’t taste as good).


Heh, never pay for water, just drink tap. It’s perfectly safe. People here even say that you can spot tourists easily, because they are the only ones who actually buy simple, non-carbonated water. Save yourself some money and drink tap :slight_smile: It’s also free in all restaurants!


YES the water is clean and great and safe to drink from the tab in general, BUT not always! Say you’re out in the country using a portable bathroom with a sink, that water would not be good for drinking. But they usually have labels up if that’s the case, just keep it in mind since the labelling might be in Icelandic!

In every proper house or installation, the water from the tab is fine! I recommend carrying a refillable bottle with you, and never be shy to ask establishments to fill it up, and it should always always always be free of charge!

Enjoy ! :grin:


Hi, the tap water is perfectly acceptable to drink here, and tastes as delicious as water can be. To learn more about water in Iceland, please refer to this article, 6 Facts You Didn’t Know About Icelandic Water ( :slight_smile: