Is April a good time travelling to Iceland?


I plan to travel to Iceland in April, but soon I found it might not be the ‘right season’, isn’t it???
Cuz winter passed, it’s not able to see the ice cave and northern light, and tours for summer like inside the volcano and puffin watching are not opened yet.
So is there any special things to do in April or ‘must visit landscape’ if I travel during spring time?



That’s incorrect,actually you can choose anytime to come to Iceland,Difference season have different activities, Spring in Iceland are the months of April and May. Icelanders celebrate the first day of summer on the first Thursday after the 18th of April, that is the ‘official’ first day of summer and a public holiday. This is also the time when migrating birds, such as the popular puffin, start appearing in Iceland. The first puffins are seen in April and they stay until September. It is actually another bird, Lóa, or the Golden Plover that is supposed to bring springtime along with it, and the first Golden Plovers can normally be seen towards the end of March.and you also will see wonderful landscape which is half winter and half summer,from white change to green,it’s really amazing.
I hope these information will help you to travel Iceland.
Have a nice day:)


Hey there,

April is actually quite a great time to come to Iceland. With the upswing in tourism, there isn’t really an ‘off season’ any more, but April is as close as you can get. While many of the Highland roads are still closed, and most summer tours are not yet running, you can still easily get to popular destinations such as the sites of the Golden Circle, the glacier lagoon, and northern locations such as Akureyri and Mývatn, and not have to experience all the crowds that you would during summer.

You won’t catch the ice caves in April, but the Northern Lights still do show. The tours stop running because the dark hours are getting too late, but it does still get dark, and that is the only condition required up here to see the auroras. I actually know someone who could make them out at the end of August, when sunlight still pervades the sky. Just keep an eye on the aurora forecasts and cloud cover, which you can do in theses two places respectively:

Iceland really is worth visiting at any time of the year. It’s nature changes dramatically from season to season. Fall is crisp, with the vegetation turning beautiful oranges and reds; winter turns the nation into a snowy wonderland with the chance to see the Northern Lights; summer is blessed with constant sun, and turns the country a vibrant green; and spring is when the whole country is blooming and coming to life.

The one disadvantage to coming in April, other than it being between seasons in terms of certain tours, is the weather; it can be very unpredictable. That being said, its a late April day today and the sun is shining and wind is calm, so it is possible to still enjoy the coming summer at this time of year.

Hope that helps,