I'm pregnant. Can I still soak in the Blue Lagoon?


I’m pregnant. Can I still soak in the Blue Lagoon? Is it mineral water?


Hey Charlotte,

There is no reason you cannot soak in the Blue Lagoon while pregnant, you are just recommended to stay well-hydrated when in the water. You can even get a ‘pregnancy massage’, so do not worry. You can read more here:

The water is very rich in the mineral silica, which gives it the opaque blue colour that makes it famous.

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Hi Charlotte,

It’s perfectly fine, and it’s SO NICE! Trust me, as a formerly preggers lady, Blue Lagoon and all the geothermal pools in the city are like the gift of god. So nice and cozy!


Hi, Charlotte.

Yes, it is absolutely fine soaking in the waters of the Blue Lagoon. The waters are filled with minerals such as silica which is supposed to be very good for your skin.

The temperature of the lagoon is between 37° and 40°C (I think it is like 98°- 104°F) and the water temperature is different depending on where you are in the water. There is no order to it; the water can be much warmer just one metre away.

Some women find the lagoon too warm, so if you are worried about the heat, find a lukewarm spot that suits you and stay there rather than moving about a lot. The water is also very shallow so you could just stand up to cool off.

Just remember to stay hydrated, drink plenty of fresh water and try to avoid being hungry. There is a restaurant at the lagoon, but it is probably better to eat there after visiting the waters.

I’ve heard that in other countries, people are concerned for pregnant women going to swimming pools. These are certainly not the views of Icelanders. We basically think the geothermal swimming pools are the answer to all of out problems (okay, not really but we do think highly of them) and we encourage pregnant women to go to the pools.

You don’t have to swim though, the best part about Icelandic swimming pools are the hot tubs. They come in various temperatures so you could just avoid the hottest ones. A lot of the pools in Reykjavík have a children’s hot tub; it is basically a shallow pool with lukewarm water, perfect for pregnant woman and those with young children. If you arrive in the summer, it is also great to lie in those tubs while sunbathing.

So, not only soak in the Blue Lagoon but go soak in the country’s many geothermal swimming pools. Here is a list of the best ones in Reykjavík https://guidetoiceland.is/reykjavik-guide/best-swimming-pools-in-reykjavik

And here is a list of the best ones around the country: https://guidetoiceland.is/best-of-iceland/the-best-swimming-pools-in-iceland-outside-of-reykjavik

Remember though that not all pregnant women are the same (I think you knew that already) and that you really have to evaluate for yourself your physical condition before you enter the lagoon.