Icelandic horseriding tours


We have seen a couple of tour listings for horse riding that indicate a weight limit. We’re close but still would exceed those limits. Are we likely to find those restrictions throughout Iceland, even if no limit is mentioned in a website or whatever tourist information we have accessed?


I’ve never seen an advertised weight limit on horseback riding tours, but obviously there will be some limit as the horses can not carry an endless amount of weight. The Icelandic horse is strong and can easily carry a grown human and a saddle, but every animal has a strength limit.

After looking it up I’ve seen that the limit in one place is 110kg or 242lb per horse, which I find pretty acceptable and would assume the same limit is around the whole country. So if you weigh more than that, then I don’t think horseback riding is the right activity for you.

If you’ve got your mind set on riding something, maybe look into snowmobiles or ATVs instead :slight_smile: