Iceland on a budget - Autumn

Hey everyone :smiley: Greetings from Ireland!
Ok so here’s a quick rundown, I am an aspiring photojournalist/travel journo who currently works a full time job, I plan on using my weekly holiday to finally make my dream trip to Iceland. The issue being I must do it with as little spending as possible. All that I really have going for me is my ten years as a scout for some basic survival/hiking/camping skills. I will be traveling with one person.

So here are my questions:

  • Will hitchhiking still be an available option on quieter roads in October?
  • Is wild camping acceptable?
  • Any tips on how to fit as much as possible into two weeks without my own transport?
  • Whats accommodation like at that time of year, will I need to book everything far in advance?
  • Is there anything going on in October around Iceland I should be particularly aware of? EG festivals, local events, anything at all story worthy I can look into writing about.

Basically I’m in the planning stage at the moment and this is my first time planning a major trip so I’m trying to be as meticulous as possible, I would really just like to soak in any tips that more experience travelers can throw at me even if not wholly pertinent to the questions above, they are just a means of starting the conversation.

Thanks for reading!
Look forward to hearing back,
Sean Grimes

Hi Sean, here are some answers to your questions :slight_smile:

  • Hitchhiking on quieter roads is always a risk in Iceland, places like the Westfjords and the Highlands are especially not recommended for hitchhikers.
  • Wild camping is not allowed in Iceland.
  • Without your own transport, it’s probably going to be best for you to book some day-tours. This article has some tips on budget-friendly days in Iceland
  • Booking in advance is always a good thing, but the autumn is a quieter time so you don’t have to worry too much.
  • October is quiet on the big-events front, but there’s always something going on in Iceland, for example there is a film festival in Grundarfjörður in October, if that’s your sort of thing

Hope this helped, have a nice time in Iceland!